These following Organizations/groups/individuals have graciously offered their help

  • Unstoppable Heroes
  • Fisher House Foundation
  • Semper Fi Fund
  • Adopt a Solider Platoon
  • Operation Ward 57
  • Alice Deal Elementary  School
  • Wintrust Mortgage
  • Veterans Ground Support
  • Brigham and Women's hospital
  • Mass Fallen Heroes
  • PA Turnpike Employee Association
  • Warrior Brotherhood Chapter C Motorcycle Club
  • Vietnam Veterans Association Chapter 542
  • Johanniter Group
  • Coalition to Salute America's Heroes
  • Cost of Freedom Inc
  • Rolling Thunder NY Chapter 2
  • The Independence Fund
  • Marine Corps league chapter 744 and 1267
  • The Villages
  • Great American Insurance

and all of the individual American people who have donated!


The John Peck Fund was established to support John Peck’s financial needs during his transplant surgery. A double arm transplant will help Sgt. Peck regain his independence following his quadruple amputation due to an IED blast in Afghanistan. Without your help it will not be possible so let's help a hero regain his independence - we at least owe him that!

How do i become a possible limb donor?

First find your Driver's license and make sure you're a organ donor, if not unfortunately you'll have to go to the DMV and get that updated. The next step will probably be the hardest, you have to sit down your next of kin and explain to them that the doctors are allowed to procure EVERYTHING that they could use for somebody else.  Either that or you can explain this in your will but this is the least favorable idea.

What will your donation fund?

ALL proceeds will go to John as there are no board executives or PR specialists. This surgery is still considered experimental by the FDA since no one has received an arm transplant in the past seven years and they don't have enough data to understand if there are any long term effects. Because of its experimental status, TRICARE has informed John they will not pay a dime for the surgery. Luckily, he will receive his medication and physical therapy at the Richmond, Virginia VA Hospital, and the doctors at Brigham and Women's Hospital have agreed to donate their time and expertise.

After John receives the transplant, he will have to stay in Boston, MA for 3-6 months following the surgery for extensive blood tests, physical exams, and grueling daily physical therapy. If everything is healing properly after a month, he will be discharged from the hospital but will still have to stay. This means 2-5 months of a hotel room, food, and fuel.

Once the doctors deem it safe, John will be allowed to go home to Virginia. He will have to do extensive physical therapy daily at the Richmond VA Hospital.  At first John will be 100% dependent  on everyone in his support group, but as his body heals, regenerates nerves, and start to incorporate the new arms he will slowly regain independence.

How can I help?

Unfortunately right now due to security reasons only PayPal is being accepted. But please when making a donation include an email address so he can write you a thank you letter because he feels no matter what dollar amount you decide to donate you should be personally thanked for your contribution!